High-angle shot of a businesswoman working at her laptop.

You did it! You designed and launched your website for the world to see. And it was awesome!

But then what? Everything just kept working perfectly and you never ran into any problems, right?

While we wish that were true, we all know that’s not always the case. Servers go down, plug-ins get outdated, pages need refreshing, and, at times, you’re left wondering how to keep your site up and running. The good news? heystac knows how to help.

We love the process of building and launching websites for our clients, but we don’t want the story to end there. We value our relationships with our clients and want to continue to be a resource even after the work of taking a site live is said and done. In a digital world, we recognize that your website is the front door of your business. And that’s why we offer several services geared directly towards making sure that front door keeps opening with ease for your clients.


We design all of our websites with careful attention to detail to make sure we are not only delivering an incredible message and aesthetic for your business, but also a well-functioning and easy to use site. But in order to make sure your site stays at the top of the pack, a little maintenance is required along the way. Our team at heystac is fully equipped to provide you with everything from routine web maintenance to more complex technical fixes anytime an online fire pops up.


The digital world is constantly evolving, and we want to make sure your website evolves with it. Our experts at heystac can help keep your site up to date with the latest technology. As new features are released, software is updated, and fresh add-ons and templates become available, we are here to make sure you know all of your options for updates and have the chance to take advantage of them on your site.


Your company is always growing and developing, and your website should reflect that. When you introduce new products, add faces to your team, or make changes to your services, you want to make sure your customers know. heystac is available to provide you with website and content edits along the way to make sure your site always reflects the most up to date brand of your business.

Support Services

Maybe you’re not sure what issue you’ve run into with your site or where you need to go next. You just need a little guidance. Our support services team is dedicated to finding you the answers you need and taking the next steps to help resolve the issue to get your site back on track. At heystac there are no dumb questions—so ask away! We want to make sure you never have to waste your time sweating the technical stuff. Our support services team is here to figure it out for you so that your online platform remains the best in the business.