Wordpress Web DesignIt’s like, so popular. If it’s all about who you know, then you better get to know WordPress is all I’m sayin’. This month it passed the 50 million sites using WordPress mark. As of the time I’m writing this post: 52,038,295 sites. It dominates the blogging market, growing steadily past the once popular Blogger. heystac uses WordPress on (almost) all our sites!

It’s pretty and smart. The interface is built with users in mind. Yes, it took my 65-year-old mother a while to get the hang of it, but the point is, she got the hang of it enough to do what she wanted to do with it. You can use it as its most basic functions without worry, or you can be adventurous and take more of the available features for a test drive (hopefully with some super tech-savvy people who can rescue you if you get stuck or break something.)

What’s WordPress, you ask? Well, in the most basic way of explaining it: it’s like computer software, except we install it on your webhost (which in the simplest way of looking at it, is a big fancy computer sort of thing anyway). WordPress is like the skin to your website. It makes writing blogs or adding pages a lot less intimidating to a non-programmer once it’s set up because it sorts through quite a bit of what’s deeply behind the scenes on your website for you.

Need a website company that can build a site on WordPress for you?

heystac builds all our websites with WordPress integrated as a content management system (CMS) because we strongly believe it’s the best option out there for site maintenance, functionality and cleanliness.