It’s a video shootout at heystac this week. Or something like that. What I’m trying to say is, heystac scheduled a few videography sessions this week in Alpharetta and metro Atlanta, which is an exciting time for us and for the companies who decided to go ahead and utilize the opportunity.

Videography on a website adds a couple great things.

1. Personality

2. Credibility

All this results in a bigger goal. Studies have shown videos on a website lead to more conversions. What does that mean? As it stands now, people who navigate to your site go through a little process. Depending on how much they need or want what you’re selling weighed in with what is going on (subconsciously taking in looking at design, copy, logo, taglines, photos) a potential customer will decide whether or not to contact you. From the people who contact you a certain number will actually purchase or make a deal with you. It’s the basic process of how you gain a customer’s business.

But we’re talking about video here, not just copy and photography, right? I’m gettin’ there. Well-done video is another thing that people take in when they go to your website. The cool thing is that studies have shown that more people contact companies who have video on their site, and from there also a higher percentage of the people who contact your company will actually become a conversion (or purchase your services).

“Stop preachin’. Where’s heystac’s video at?”

We’re getting there. It’s the main thing we’ll be working on putting together for ourselves coming soon. Just wait till you can hear us and see all our faces, or some of them. (You know, some of us are cuter than others.)