Creating an effective and eye-pleasing website for your law firm is certainly no easy task. Your website has a lot to do in a very short amount of time. It has to convey all the services you offer, how to connect with you and, most important, what makes you stand out from all the competition—all before a mouse can be clicked again.

The last thing you want to do is put up a boring, cookie-cutter site that will blend into the background and make a first impression that is just kind of…blah. Your site should capture your uniqueness and speak to your ideal client. It should appeal to your target audience instantly, both visually and informatively, motivating visitors to take action.

Here are a few keys to success in designing your attorney website to be the best it can be:

See it through their eyes. When you’re considering what information you want to highlight on your site and what kind of aesthetic you want your site to have, it crucial that you put yourself in your ideal client’s position. What does your target audience most want and need to know? What are the main questions on their minds? Is your site clear, searchable and easy to navigate? Poll a few friends, family members, colleagues and others to get a good, objective idea of what your site needs, and try to see your site with as unbiased an eye as possible.

Keep it fresh. Having a client-winning website takes more than just building and launching it. It’s important to continually cultivate the content you’re serving up on your site, adding frequent updates and new material. If there’s always something new to be found on your website, visitors will keep coming back for more and referring others to it as well. Fresh content can take the form of:

  • blog posts
  • the latest legal news and cases
  • testimonials from clients
  • photos
  • videos
  • downloadable ebooks and reports
  • articles, and more.

Know your identity. What exactly is it that makes you and your firm different from all your competitors out there? Make a list of about 10 to 12 words that best capture the essence of your unique professional identity—what you do and how you do it—and use these as guideposts when choosing all the elements of your site. Everything from the font to the colors to the photos and graphics on your website should be in line with, resonate with and reflect your specific unique qualities.

Make it pop. Your website should jump out at anyone looking for the kind of services you offer. This refers both to the visual impression your site makes and the ease with which your site can be found by potential clients. No matter how stunning your website looks, if it’s not being seen by the right eyes it’s not working for you. Make sure you have good, solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place to get that beautiful site seen by exactly the people who should be seeing it.

At heystac, based in Roswell, GA, the focus is on creating strong, attractive website design that works well and adds value. The appearance and functionality of a site must ensure that the design reinforces and maintains brand integrity. Aesthetic choices include the use of images, color, gradients and fonts, as well as their placement. In addition to the appearance, websites should be easy-to-use and have functions appropriate to the site’s purpose. Also, heystac’s search engine optimization team knows the strategy and techniques to use to make your site show up in search results. If your business is interested in learning more about Google Adwords, PPC, SEO or you want to improve on your existing efforts, feel free to contact heystac at 404-448-2930 for a consultation.