It’s a request we hear fairly often: How can I get my law firm to show up in the location-based listings next to the maps with a corresponding lettered pushpin on Google?

While these listings are organically generated rather than purchased advertising, there are things you can do to improve your chances of popping up in these handy map-based lists.

The majority of your control of how you appear in a location search lies in your Google Places listing. Here are a few keys to boosting your visibility on the map:

Keep it clear, complete and consistent. It may seem simple and obvious, but just making sure all the contact and location information for your law firm is correct and the same on every site and on your Google Places listing can go a long way toward increasing your visibility.

Here at heystac, we’ve been working on cleaning up a client’s Google Place listing that featured the main office phone number on the Google Places page, while a tracking phone number is displayed on the main website. Discrepancies like this can cause Google to question the authenticity of the Google Places page, which may negatively affect where the business appears on the maps lists.

It also is crucial that third-party sites have your contact information listed correctly, so do what you can to make sure sites like Yahoo!, Localeze, Bing, Citysearch and other sites listing your law firm have everything right, too.

Make it visual. Photos and videos can help your listing stand out from the competition faster and more effectively than any words. You may even want to think about hiring a professional photographer and/or videographer to get beautiful, well composed shots of you, your staff, your firm, client interactions, etc. Keep videos short, engaging and packed with valuable information to make a quick impact.

Remember, there’s a big difference between pictures and videos caught with a smartphone and those strategically composed by a professional. The finished product will be well worth the investment and will create the exact impression you want to make.

Choose your categories carefully. Where categories are concerned, specificity and accuracy should be the focus. The more the words you choose reflect the precise nature of your particular services and skills, the more your listing will appear in front of those looking for just what you offer. Selecting categories that are authentically in line with your law firm also will up your organic value in the eyes of Google.

Rack up the reviews. Now is not the time to be shy. Ask your clients to write reviews of your firm on Google Place page. The more reviews you have, the greater your credibility and visibility to Google and to those searching the web. You can talk and talk about what makes your firm the best, but words of praise from others carry much more weight in the eyes of Internet searchers.

Taking these steps can help you put your law firm on the map—literally—and see more clients heading your way.

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