Who worked through Christmas to get this site right? You’re lookin’ at ’em.

Our friends up in Lancaster, PA launched their new site the Sunday morning after Christmas, December 26th. Pastor Curt and team told their church members to stay home on Sunday and watch their sermon live. While another company headed up the technical aspect of live web streaming, heystac was busy loading and stylizing content, working through browser compatibility and creating a new site in time for the congregation to navigate to the new site design and click through to where they could go to church online. No pressure.

Needless to say, the launch went smoothly, and the church was impressed by the new, clean design.

As an ongoing process, we’re continuing to work with Victory Church to add on to the website, create more functions, edit the layouts and experiment with what works best for their church as it expands and adds another campus location this spring.

  • integrated Google calendar
  • created RSS blog from external blog to appear as if internal
  • customized background imagery to complement existing logo
  • created internal forms to assist in events
  • linked up online tithing options
  • integrated social media feeds
  • recreated a layout/flow of content for user ease-of-use
  • site is expandable and flexible for future updates/additions