Atlanta Social Media Management Cake

Cake layers, social media layers. The connection makes sense to me. Or maybe I'm just hungry.

Google Profiles might soon be giving Facebook a run for its money.

In case you haven’t hard about this—Google’s getting into the social media game. More accurately, Google is hinting at finally piecing together all of the social components they already have. I’m not talking about the fact that social media like Facebook & Twitter add benefit to search engine results if used properly (which they do). But I’m talking about the rumors spreading around the web that have to do with this Facebook-like thing Google seems to be moving toward creating.

And it makes a lot of sense to us at heystac (our Atlanta website SEO company).

Just think about all the things Google already has going!

Google Buzz – newsfeed
Google Profiles – the wall
YouTube – video
Chrome – web browser (the platform to how it all works)
Android – phone used as platform for their apps
Picasa Web Albums
Google Music? (it’s in the works)
Google Latitude – location based service, similar to Facebook Places check-ins
Blogger – think of this as Facebook Notes
Gmail – email, chat, video chat
Google Calendar – events organizer
Google Docs and Wave – group collaboration
Google Apps
Google Reader – easy to follow news & links
Knol – info pages, user provided content (think Wiki)
Google Motion – OK this one’s not social networking really, but I had to add it in here. One, because it’s cool. Two, because, really, Google? Can you not do anything? It’s like the XBOX Kinect meets e-mail and documents!

Now imagine if they were all consolidated.

They might just win the social media Monopoly.

The product manager of Google Profiles is now a product manager at YouTube. You have to wonder if that may be part of the Google social strategy. Last year, YouTube started requiring users to have Google accounts. Acquiring YouTube as an asset is a big move for Google. YouTube is often labeled the second largest search engine. It’s an incredibly high-trafficked site.

What’s the Google Social Layer have to do heystac social media management?

If technology never changed, search engine optimization services would be a science and not an art form. (I’m pretty convinced it’s some combination of science and art.) We’re always ready to adapt our online social media management to keep them ahead of the game.

At this point, we’re watching, anticipating and speculating. It’s something to monitor, and it may be a significant player in the online market as it evolves. But no one really knows what’s happening with it yet. Until we have a better idea, we wait. Boring, right? It’s better than being surprised. No surprises here. I hate surprises. Unless they involve cake.

Oh and in case you went to the Google Motion link, April Fool’s! Though honestly, couldn’t you totally see Google pulling off a motion-based software? I totally believed it.