Custom Application
heystac Custom Application

We build custom web applications for your business so you don’t have to invest in server-based software solutions.

More about Custom Application

Save space on your servers and allow us to start building the custom web solutions that best fit your business’s needs. Web applications exist within your browser and can be built out to specifically aid you and your business in a variety of convenient ways. Whether you want to create online spreadsheets, an internal resource hub, company webmail or even a custom project management system, our heystac experts are eagerly standing by to help develop web applications custom-fit for your business’s needs.

We use trusted open source software such as Python and Django to quickly and efficiently develop applications that can be easily customized to match up with the vision you have for internal solutions. These open source software also benefit your business by making the overall coding simpler for us to write and navigate, thus helping to minimize potential errors in your web application. Python, Django and the other highly-dependable open source software we utilize also allow our team to focus on customizations while they take appropriate care of the application’s framework.

Another key benefit of investing in custom applications is that they are compatible across different platforms, such as Mac and Windows. In businesses with both forms of operating systems in existence, this is extremely ideal since everything is run within a web browser window rather than on a desktop.

We’re happy to sit down and help you learn more about how our team at heystac can integrate custom web applications into your business’s internal structure. You might find web applications can save you space, time and money that would otherwise be spent on general software that’s ill-equipped for your business’s specific needs.