heystac Videography

At heystac, we approach video as not only an art form, but as a strategic marketing tool that can help your business captivate more clients.

More about Videography

Over 100 million people are watching videos online every day and many are looking for answers, solutions and services. Will your business be found when they search for them? Whether you’re thinking about creating a video short explaining the mission of your company or developing a creative piece to use as moving imagery in your website design, our director and videographer are standing by, ready to help you get started.

By sitting down with our experts, we’ll help to assess, guide and see through the filming process with your main objectives in mind. We’ll also strategize how we can effectively place and optimize your video to give you higher click-through rates and interaction with your potential clients.

Having even just one engaging video about your business online is one more way we can help your business be found. We also encourage the businesses we work with to maximize the use of their videos by sharing them on social media channels or through email marketing. After all, YouTube’s search bar is only second after Google in rankings online. A survey by The Forrester Marketing group also found that the click-through rate on emails increases by 200% to 300% with the inclusion of an informative marketing video.

Just think, your potential clients are most likely busy people. When they get an email from you or click on your website, they may not make enough time to read through your webpages to figure out if your services are right for them. With a cohesive introduction video, you save both you and your potential clients time because they can quickly learn what you offer and minimize follow up questions. Many of the businesses we work with find an introduction video decreases emails back and forth, unnecessary meetings and instead drives immediate engagement through direct sales and leads.

Videos can also be great offline resources, whether integrated in your business presentations or put on display in client waiting rooms. Another attractive quality about video is it allows you introduce your personality to clients before you meet, which often helps them feel more comfortable and trusting of your business profile upfront. Don’t be lost in a YouTube search and increase your overall search engine visibility with videos by heystac.