Synergy Process
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Synergy Release Sports


As a sports rehabilitation and injury prevention center, Synergy Release Sports came to us looking for a website redesign to help better engage their clientele. Their previous site was outdated, difficult to navigate and targeted primarily to professional athletes. While Synergy does work with many of these customers, they only represent a small portion of their clientele. Roughly 60% of their customer base is made up of active, athletic women ranging in age from 30-60, high school students with sports related injuries, and people with joint or muscle problems struggling to get well. We wanted to make sure that these potential customers didn’t miss the message that Synergy Release Sports was open to them, too!

We did a complete rebranding for Synergy aimed to appeal to their primary demographic. We updated their website with new content, layout, and a lighter color scheme to make the initial visit to the site more user friendly and engaging. Our team also produced film testimonials from a diverse group of clients to highlight a wider client base. Additionally we shot a company overview film to give potential customers a better look at who the team at Synergy Release Sports truly is.