Last summer I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I loved the show (and talked a lot about it). On it, Jamie attempted to transform the menu at an LA fast food restaurant. The owner, Dino, was opposed to the healthy changes Jamie was trying to introduce as part of his Food Revolution. But Dino came around. He saw the importance of having healthier options available at his restaurant. He began using grass-fed beef and added a whole new section to the menu full of healthier options like Freedom Crushes made with yogurt and real fruit.

Dino, by the end of the season, had made these changes to his restaurant and believed in the importance of having healthy options. I was so inspired by the show and the changes to his LA restaurant that I sent him an email to tell him… and to offer him a new site on us.

After a week of no response, I deleted the reminder email I had sent to myself about it. Figured it was a long shot anyways. Then I got a phone call and recognized the voice I had seen and heard on the Food Revolution. Dino loved the idea and was blown away by our offer to come along side of him and his restaurant.

Designing and developing Patra’s new site was more than a job – it was our honor to help a guy who was creating change in his world.  Side note, our photographer, Boyd Hobbs, killed it on the photos. They’ll make you want to fly to LA just for a Revolution Burger.

Thanks, Dino, for taking a stand by making inspiring changes to your restaurant and also allowing us to be a part of Patra’s Burgers!