If there was ever a time to start thinking about the future of the web, it’s now. There is more to the web than just computers and mobile devices. Samsung has released a refrigerator with a wifi enabled touch screen.

Since the beginning of the internet, it has only been on desktop and laptop computers, until a few short years ago the iPhone came out and changed the mobile web forever. Shortly after that, tablets such as the iPad came out and has since been introduced into cars, TVs, and other home appliances. As web designers/developers, we no longer have to focus on five primary web browsers but hundreds of devices with different screen sizes.

Your website can no longer be a static size that fits computer monitors but one that needs to adjust to the different devices or it will be left behind and forgotten. Mobile websites were introduced a few years ago as a temporary solution to the quickly evolving web. Over the past 8 months there has been an enormous amount of buzz, and rightfully so, around responsive web design.

Responsive web design is the ability for a website to change based on the width of a browser or device. You can see an example of it on our promotional micro site. With responsive web design your website will be able to work across every browser and device without a hitch. It’s future friendly because it’s not constrained by particular device sizes, it flows into whatever size you can think of and even those you can’t.

Remember the web is not the device, it’s the space between devices that connects them.