When it comes to building the website for your law firm, you probably already know the basic elements that need to be there: an appealing home page, a comprehensive list of your services and practice areas, profiles of your partners and attorneys, contact information for the firm (address and phone number!) and overall easy navigation. But with so many sites out there competing for the attention of potential clients, you need to consider some additional key elements that can give your site – and your firm – a true sense of individuality and help you illustrate how you’re different from all the others.


You have the requisite headshots of everyone in the firm, situated right alongside their impressive profiles. That’s a great place to start because it always helps to put a name with a face. You also might have images of sharply dressed partners posing together in conference rooms, smiling straight at the camera. Again, these are important, as they provide your site with an air of professionalism. However, you also need to humanize the firm and make your entire staff relatable to potential clients. Consider other types of photographs that can add originality to your website and show who you are as a group, such as more candid office shots, pictures of your attorneys hard at work in the courtroom or images of your partners working out in the community (if you engage in charitable activities as a firm).

Blog Posts

These days, a blog is a must-have for any professional website. Posting updated material on a regular basis will give your site relevance while helping to educate and inform. With the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place, your choice of topics will help potential clients find you when they’re doing an online search and your posts appear in their results. In addition, those current posts will lend a sense of authority to your firm and introduce people to the breadth and depth of your knowledge on any variety of subjects related to your practice areas. And there’s more. The comments section allows site visitors to post questions; you in turn can respond to them, giving your site an interactive edge.

Case Studies

Your work should speak for itself, and it can if you include case studies on your website. The best way to impress potential clients is to show them what your firm can do. Consider selecting three or four of your most impactful cases and highlight them with brief write-ups. You can keep the specific details of each case general for privacy purposes, but be sure to include what the issue was, how it was approached and what the result was. (Obviously, cases that concluded in victories are what you’re looking for.) By offering up these concise accounts, potential clients can get a real feel for your firm’s skill and expertise.

Awards and Recognition

It may feel odd to toot your own horn, but when it comes to securing new clients, don’t be shy. Pull out the entire brass section if necessary. Include a page on your site that’s dedicated to any prestigious local, regional or national awards that you have won, as well as any individual recognition that your attorneys have had bestowed upon them. Success is something to be proud of, and including honors that your firm has been given will set you apart from your competitors. And, as a bonus, seeing those accolades listed online will boost morale in the office and make everyone want to get out there and earn more of them. If you play your cards right, you might even win one for best law firm website!

A Local Website Design Company

At heystac, based in Roswell, GA, the focus is on creating strong, attractive website design that works well and adds value. From appearance to content to functionality, our team understands what you need to do to stand out online. Also, heystac’s search engine optimization experts know the strategy and techniques to use to make your site show up in search results. We work closely with businesses to ensure the highest levels of success and conversions from websites and Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns. If your business is interested in learning more about Google Adwords, PPC, SEO or you want to improve on your existing efforts, feel free to contact heystac at 404-448-2930 for a consultation.