So your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has worked, and your law firm’s website is one of the first to pop up in searches from a wide variety of potential clients. Now what? You have to make sure that those people not only click on your link, but also stick around on your website to learn about your practice and feel like they’ve walked away with some useful information.

It’s time to find ways to differentiate your firm online from the others out there that are also appearing in search results. Adding a few unique and interactive components to your website not only will help you convert clicks to clients, but also will boost your SEO efforts now and in the future.

Free Online Legal Advice

Of course, your time is your biggest asset, and you don’t want to give away your expertise for free. However, one way to entice potential clients is to let them interact with you by posting simple legal questions on your website. When someone posts a question, he or she will have to return to the site to see your answer. Then you can leverage that interaction and begin to build a relationship. Additionally, if you provide a great response that’s both informative and helpful, your potential client may just be impressed enough to become an established one. And right off the bat, you’ve provided a service that other firms may not.

Informative Webinars

You know better than anyone that the law is difficult to understand. So why not help potential clients have a better understanding of various legal subjects by hosting free webinars? Current and potential clients sign up to participate and then log on to a certain site (such as AnyMeeting) at the designated time. You act as the instructor, providing a class of sorts about any number of topics, such as new laws that will affect local residents or filing for a copyright. The webinar essentially puts you in the same room as the participants (although you’re all sitting at your own computers) and establishes you as an expert on both general and specialty legal issues. It also gives your web-based audience something visual—a view of you speaking directly to them, PowerPoint slides and more—and allows you to keep their attention. Just be sure that your call to action at the end includes your contact information and encourages the audience to get in touch with you for further details or legal representation.

Bylined Articles

Consider moving beyond your own website and get your name out there onto others. When people use the Internet to search for legal information, they want to see articles written by experts in the field. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? When you write a bylined article for an outlet like the Nolo Network (comprised of, and, for instance, you can share your knowledge with potentially millions of people. It’s an excellent way to publicize your practice and set it apart from other firms in the market. And if you can include a link to your firm’s website at the end of the article, your work may even bring new clients right to you.

Ebooks, News and Reports

Your website should provide comprehensive information about your services and accomplishments, but it also can become a resource that people turn to for general legal information. Give your site a value-added boost by including a page that has links to such things as downloadable legal e-books, legal news sites and updated legal reports. When these items appear on your site, they not only inform potential clients about particular legal topics and issues, but they also help to strengthen your SEO strategy. If someone wants to know about conducting transatlantic business or how to handle trusts and equities, your site will appear in their search results if you have those links available and labeled appropriately. And once they’re on your well-designed site, they’ll know they’ve found the right firm for their needs!

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