There are seemingly endless ways to communicate with potential clients for your law firm these days. Your website, blog, e-newsletter, social media, articles…the list goes on and on. But how do you get clicks on your online content to convert into clients for your firm?

There are a few ways you can enhance your online communication with potential clients and up the chances that they will take the next step of hiring you:

Give a little, get a little. Nowadays, just about everyone puts a high premium on keeping email inboxes from getting clogged with time-sucking unwanted communication. If you’re going to be entrusted with an email address, you’re going to need to give something valuable in return. This can be a free sample of some kind, an e-book or an educational tool. The benefit of this exchange is twofold: You get the in to continue communication, and the potential client gets to know a bit more about you and what you have to offer and receives a valuable takeaway.

Follow up—strategically. Once you have a potential client’s email address, it’s important to be strategic about how you use it. Don’t start blasting away with high-pressure offers and frequent repetitive messages just because you can. Have a careful plan that opens the lines of communication with potential clients without making them feel hassled. Go back to the first tip by offering something valuable in every email. It could be an informative article, a mini-questionnaire or a bit of free advice and expertise. Make sure each communication brings something to the recipient, rather than simply asking for his or her business.

Use input to upgrade. Do you get a lot of the same questions or requests from potential clients? Is there a common problem or pitfall faced by many? Something you wish all your clients knew going in? Use the feedback you get from potential clients to streamline and improve your website and all your online communications. Continually improving the experience of potential clients ultimately will lead to more conversion overall, since your offerings will be more on point and precise.

Call on clickers to take action. Taking a client from potential to actual can be as simple as letting him or her know what step to take next. Some people coming to you may never have worked with an attorney before. Let them know what to expect; tell them what the process looks like. Then, lead them to the action they need to take, whether it’s scheduling a complimentary consultation and/or filling out a pre-consultation form online. Having an action or two that potential clients can take before they meet with you can help you as well, since it will weed out those who are not serious about becoming clients before you spend valuable time on them.

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