If Google AdWords is the engine you’re using to drive your business to success by reaching potential customers, Google Analytics is the steering wheel, gearshift and dashboard. It can tell you how many people are staying on your site once they get there, how many are becoming actual customers, and much more.

You already know that one of the most valuable gauges on your dashboard is the click-through rate (CTR)—the percentage of clicks you received out of total number of impressions (times your ad is seen). The higher your click-through rate, the more you know your ads have appeared in front of the people who are the best fit for what you’re offering.

But CTR doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about how your AdWords campaign is running. You need to look at a few other vital indicators to be able to boost the performance of your AdWords and your website.

Bounce rate. Even if you base your AdWords on effective keywords, it may not translate directly to a successful campaign if people are clicking through to your site, but then leaving quickly. The solution to this problem lies in examining the bounce rate. Bounce rate shows how often people are leaving your site after viewing just one page.

By delving down into the individual AdWords campaigns with high bounce rates, you can zero in on and remove money-sucking high-bounce-rate keywords. Looking at bounce rate can also help you improve your website, since you will see which page people are landing on when they “bounce” away. Soup up that page, and you may get them to stick around longer.

Keywords report. Examining the keywords report and taking a good hard look at each keyword’s performance can allow you to cut any words that are slowing you down and add turbo power to those that are going somewhere.

The goal conversion option under the compare-to-site-average visualization lets you directly compare keyword performance, based on both clicks and purchases. High-performing keywords can then get more of your marketing dollar, while poor performers can be cut out.

Site views. In addition to showing you which AdWords keywords are working the hardest for you and how many clicks are turning into purchases, Google Analytics can give you a helpful look at how well your website is working for your business.

You’ll find a basic breakdown of how many people are coming to your site, where they are, how much time they’re spending there, which pages they’re going to most. This can give you a valuable diagnosis of which parts of your website are working and which parts may need a tune-up or a complete overhaul!

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