Have you ever been searching for a service provider online and wished there was a way to get an overall picture of what a business offered rather than having to skim through several pages of written content? You’re not alone. And it’s exactly why website videos are taking the market by storm.


According to a recent report, video is now the preferred mode of communication by the average consumer, and only continues to grow in popularity. This makes video a necessary means of engagement moving forward for businesses. In fact, in the same report, video is predicted to be responsible for 74% of all internet traffic by the year 2017.

Video is hard to overlook.

Data doesn’t lie. However, we understand the idea of directing and producing a website video can be an intimidating thought for many businesses. That’s a big part of why we didn’t waste any time diving in to research, experiment with and eventually offer professional-level Videography services to our clients. Once we noticed video engagement on the rise in successful marketing initiatives, we wanted to make sure we could offer our clients the same tools and potential benefits.

Start with what you have.

When it comes to creating a website video for your business, it’s important to display compelling imagery that reflects what you’re already providing your customers and clients. With that said, a website video is all about communicating the results of your existing products and services. Work with what you have and what you’ve learned to be true about what your business has to offer; draw from your experience, feedback and any data and sales evidence.

Then gather the written content that already exists on your website and figure out how you can creatively reinforce the same messaging in a video. Studies continue to show retention rates are on the rise for video and while they continue to decrease for websites that only offer written content.

Trust an expert.

Not every business has the resources or time to brainstorm or build their own website video strategy, which is where we come in hand. We’re passionate about pairing up our video experts with our clients so they can catch the vision of the businesses we work with before lifting a finger to create anything. Our videographers then usher the project through their highly skilled and creative production process, keeping our clients’ project goals in mind. Whether you already have some ideas for your website video or haven’t thought about it until just now, our videographers are skilled at meeting you where you’re at and guiding you forward.

Be found more quickly.

In the same study referenced earlier, websites with video are found to show up quicker in search engine results. Search engines, and Google especially, love websites that offer visually engaging and informative content. This makes website videos key tools to showing up above your competitors in search rankings. Videos are also linked directly to higher engagement and shares, which always leaders to high search rankings, which means more clicks and ultimately, more opportunities for your business to be found.

Get started on your website video today.