With the addition of Google Plus there are a lot of new things to learn about blogging. One of the new features is Google Authorship, which shows your Google Plus profile picture and links to your Google Plus account on posts that you write. This can be a little tricky for people that don’t know a lot about coding, and the tutorials that I’ve seen don’t really help clear this up at all.

There are 3 steps for allowing this new feature to work on your blog.

  1. On your Google Plus profile, add a link to your blog in the “Contributor to” section on the “About” page. [pink box]
  2. Use Google’s profile button maker and put in your profile URL [red box], pick a size and copy the code it displays at the bottom.
  3. Paste the code from step 2 into your blog post.

That’s it, simple enough right? If you don’t want to paste that code into every blog post you write, you can also paste it onto your author bio page and change rel=”author” to rel=”me”. You just have to be certain that every blog post you write is linking to your author bio.

I should also mention that it’s not guaranteed; Google says that your profile picture “may” be used.