The world is exploding with entrepreneurs, explorers, adventurers, wide-eyed people with creative minds and a spirit that spits in the face of failure. Every day, I meet people that have started some sort of new business. Age is never a factor. I know a 19 year-old whose going into his 2nd year of college and has a video production company. My friend in his late 40’s just bought a fishing lure company. Both have initial success, but they’re going to need more. In order to thrive, businesses need to tell a story.

Let’s face it, few businesses are breaking ground with new products or services provided. Most businesses are carbon copies of other businesses run by different people. They’re doing and promising the same things, providing the same products or services. Yeah, it might look different, have a better brand, taste different or smell a bit different but, boiled down, it’s still the same thing.

You see this copycat nation everywhere: restaurants, vehicles, consulting firms, churches, insurance companies, marketing agencies, department stores…on that note, is JC Pennies still in business? And what’s the difference between them, Belk, Dillard’s or the others?

As a consumer culture, we’re moving away obscurity & ambiguity in big business. We want more than what Undercover Boss can offer. We want to see more than what’s behind the curtain. We want to know your story, and to be apart of it.

Everything we “Like” or “Share” is something we feel connected to. Everything we buy expresses who we are. Everything we support defines our beliefs.

Your businesses could become a part of someone’s personal brand…if they know and like and share your story.

Your story has the power to separate you from your competitor. It’s important to develop your story so people identify with you and see “why” your business exists. Honesty is a great foot to lead with but providing transparency in community is like running the race with both feet in a great pair of running shoes.

Tell a great story within your business; welcome your customers into the family.