blog creation maintenanceI’m guilty of this. I get busy. I have projects to tend to. I have e-mails to write, lists to check off, calls to return. Writing a blog for myself? The thought rarely crosses my mind. It gets pushed to the backburner. “I’ll get to it tomorrow” gets said until weeks go by.

It’s easy to forget when we may not see the value in it immediately. And often times, people give up on blogging before it has a chance to prove its worth. Yet, the fact is writing blogs consistently can be a powerful tool in drawing visitors to your site. Here are five benefits and things you can expect when you keep up with your blogging.

1.     You train robots. It sounds a little crazy, but consistency is a big part of successful blogging. If you write a blog once a week, search engine crawlers are more likely going to come back to your site more often looking for your content. Think of it as creating expectation for search engine bots.

2.     More becomes more. Starting a blog can be tough, but the content continually compounds. Even if your site seems empty at first, you keep blog writing up and one day you’ll have hundreds of pages of original content.

3.     You get rich results. Blogs are quick and to the point, and because of the often focused topic, the content, blog title, in-text links and tagging are perfect targets for specific searches. All of these small items can do big things together for creating rich search results. I’ve seen an organization’s blog posts outperform main websites—showing up on page one where the static site may be further down.

4.     You build bridges. Links push their value to wherever they are linked—back to either a main site (complemented by the additional blog site) or even the main pages of a site (from a blog on the same URL).

5.     You look alive. Can you recall ever clicking on a website and seeing how dated it looks, or seeing that it hasn’t been updated in a while? It doesn’t do much to add to its legitimacy. On the flip side though, maintaining and updating a blog site is proof to a visitor that you and your business are active, alive and doing well.

heystac’s social media management helps in a couple ways. We’ll create a blog website for you, optimize it, give you access and you can go blog crazy! Or if you can’t find the time to blog for yourself, we’ll blog for you.