5 Important Books To Read In Poker

You want to think like profressionals? Here are 5 essentials books you might want to complete:

Miller E. “Professional Game Of No-Limit Hold’em” 

Ed Miller used to work at Microsoft, developing various software, but then found his calling in poker free SGD credit online casino. Much attention is paid to psychological self-control, the ability to make optimal decisions in stressful situations, without succumbing to panic.

At some point, a poker player reaches such a level of play when he will not find anything new in textbooks for beginners. This means that it’s time to open books for real professionals. This section recommends the best ones.

Experienced players know that the level of limits at which the game is played is of great importance. The higher it is, the more experienced opponents can meet. Therefore, of particular interest is the game at low limits, which can bring significant income to the player.

The book presents not only the theoretical part, but also special tasks for mastering the material. The analysis of chances and assessment of the pot, the possibilities of opponents after opening the flop and river, the technique of working with pocket cards are discussed in detail. Risk analysis takes a special place, because the most successful player is not the one who won a single hand with a very large pot, but the one who demonstrates the highest profit over the long run.

Sklansky D. “Theory Of Poker”

This tutorial is best for those players with special mathematical skills. It is mathematical analysis that Sklansky uses to select the optimal tactical and strategic moves when playing with a high or at least medium level of limits. Apart from dry numbers, there are many practical examples.

Round R. “Easy Poker Mathematics”

A specific book, which is a calculation using the probability theory of the odds of certain events at the card table. The results are presented in a convenient tabular form. Most of the poker tables on the internet are taken from here. With their help, you can determine the probabilities of getting a drawing hand, improving the position in the hand, and analyzing the outs in the deck.

Skunmaker A. “Psychology Of Poker”

This work does not contain complex formulas and long tables with calculated probabilities free credit no deposit singapore of catching an ace on the river. The main emphasis is placed on the psychological aspects of the poker game, and this is no coincidence, because Schoonmaker has many years of career as a psychologist behind him.

The book explains how players with different psychotypes make different decisions in certain situations that arise at the card table, and how to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Sklansky D. “Tournament Poker For Advanced Players”

Another useful book from this author. Here you can read how to stabilize your game so that it does not depend on various circumstances during the tournament. It also analyzes the important differences between affiliate and tournament poker. Sklansky shows the risks that can be encountered in tournaments, and explains the mutual influence of strategies of different players on each other when they collide at the table.…